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Backed up with an extensive experience of designing and managing multi-billion dollar projects in various sectors of the design, construction and real estate industries, iDeezign team have thoroughly tailored the most reliable solution delivering to you designs at the easiness of your fingertips where you can meet designers to smoothly create innovative designs inspiring every interaction in your life.

Our vision is to provide the ultimate customer experience in the design industry and we genuinely believe that it is an ongoing process of development where we always listen to our customers and work on exceeding their expectations.
iDeezign provides a reliable and effective tools for designers to show the world their innovation and get more business from international customers. Where designers can unleash their passion for design with no boundaries.

iDeezign believes in empowering and training designers to always develop and grow, improving the quality of services and always raising the bar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to contact designers through Ideezign ?

Ideezign guarantees that your payment will not be transferred to the designer till you receive the design. Therefore, the transaction and communication should be through Ideezign, otherwise Ideezign holds no responsibility in case there was a direct communication (not through Ideezign) between the designer and the design seeker. Additionally, this will result in a ban from using Ideezign for a period that ranges between six months and two years. For more information, please check Ideezign terms and conditions.

What if I do not like the submitted design?

Ideezign encourages the design seekers to carefully check and select the designers before assigning the job to them. Designers` ratings and reviews might assist in selecting the designer, however the final choice of the designer is solely up to the design seeker. Ideezign allows two revisions of the design free of charge. In case the design seeker asks for more revisions it is up to the designer to submit them for free or to charge for them. The transactions for the design revisions should be through Ideezign. The same terms and conditions apply.

I am a designer, can I contact the client directly?

All transactions and communications have to be through Ideezign.Ideezign offers designers an opportunity to close deals with a wide range of clients and the platform is considered a long-term partner with designers.In case a designer contacted a client directly this will result in a ban from using Ideezign for a period that ranges between six months and two years. For more information, please check Ideezign terms and conditions.

I am a designer, how do I get my payment?

Ideezign collects the payment from the design seeker once they select the designer, upload their project`s brief and documents and confirm the transaction. The designers will get their payments (after applying Ideezign`s administrative fees) within 10-15 days from the date of submitting the design. Ideezign allows for seven working days for the client to submit their comments after that the payment is transferred to the designer in case there were no complains or comments. All communications and submissions have to be through Ideezign. In case there was any kind of direct contact with the client,Ideezign does not guarantee the payment.For more information, please check Ideezign terms and conditions

What is the advantage of purchasing products through Ideezign, and what is the lead time for delivery?

Ideezign agrees with designers offering products to apply at least a 10% discount form their usual rates. In some cases this discount might be more than 10% .The lead time for delivery will be based on each designer`s lead time which should be mentioned, otherwise the designers could be contacted through Ideezign to get more information about the lead time.For more information, please check Ideezign terms and conditions.

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